Post 312!

8 11 2009

P. 88  11/8/09

Out of boredom and curiosity, I wanted to know how many times I have posted on this blog since starting back in January. I was hoping that this post would be some monumental number like the 100th post or something, but apparently I am way past that. I tallied up all my posts (including all of the Songs of the Week) and this post will make it be a total of 312 posts. Amazing.


I wanted to celebrate this, but couldn’t figure out anything special about the number, 312. So I did what anyone in my position would do: I Googled it. It turns out that 312 is the name of a beer. Perfect! Upon further research, the kind of beer is called 312 because it’s named after the area code in which it’s made, which is in Chicago, Illinois. Clever, clever! (This is also extra cool because I have always wanted to go to Chicago. I’ve never been.) You can find all the details about the beer here. The full name of this beer is the 312 Urban Wheat Ale and it’s manufactured by the Goose Island Brewery. You learn something new everyday! I really like the packaging design too:






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