Lessons Learned While Being Sick

5 11 2009

P. 86  11/5/09

Well it’s sick day #3ish and I am missing yet another day of work. Here are some things I have learned from staying home (and only leaving my room to go to the bathroom or the kitchen). Oh boy!

  1. Daytime television is terrible. What is being offered from say, 9 AM – 3/4PM, you ask? Well, not much. A brief channel surfing at 12:30 PM today will bring you last night’s hockey game reruns, golf, home improvement shows, “Freaky Friday” with Lindsay Lohan, “Full House”, and various news shows.
  2. When you are sick, you learn a lot about how the body works. According to my friend who’s a nurse, when you have the chills, your body is really actually hot. And when you have the chills, you should take a fever-reducing medicine like Tylenol. So I did. Although it just made me hot and sweaty. My friend explained to me that I am supposed to feel hot, because (and this is where it gets confusing) my fever is “breaking” and going down. So being cold equals being really hot. And being hot means you are still hot. And feeling just right is just right. Great. So now I’m hot and sweaty and I’m supposed to take some more Tylenol. But if that just makes me more hot, then that won’t be any help. Ugh.
  3. Being locked in your room greatly limits things to do to keep entertained, yet you are not supposed to be entertained when you are sick. You are supposed to take it easy and get better. Being sick is sooo boring!
  4. Facebook actually becomes dull when it is your main source of internet entertainment. It’s odd how entertaining Facebook can be when you should be doing more important things with your life. But when you have nothing to do, suddenly Facebook just isn’t as appealing.
  5. Eating nothing but soup for days isn’t as bad as you might think, if you like soup. Soup is actually one of my favorite foods (I know that is a generic statement, but it’s true). Well, even with being able to have as much as my favorite food non-stop, like, #3 above, it can sure get monotonous. So while eating hot food is encouraged when you’re sick, and there are probably other things I could have other than canned soups, the other problem is that I really need to go grocery shopping. But leaving my apartment might not be the greatest choice for getting better. So I am left with soup and more soup.
  6. Speaking of food, apparently I am also incapable of correctly popping a bag of popcorn. Be it regular size or a mini-bag, this is a life skill I have yet to accomplish in my new apartment.

So that’s about all I can think of right now. The things you learn when staying at home from work for multiple days in a row, while it may not be monumental and life-changing information, might still be helpful to know at some point. At least I’m going to keep telling myself that…




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