It’s Thriller Night!

31 10 2009

A. 52  10/31/09

Well, we made it through the countdown and it’s finally Halloween! Hooray! To celebrate, I am bringing you with a most fantastic video I found of a tutorial for the Thriller dance. I think one of my life time goals is going to be to actually learn this dance (or most of it). It is a truly fantastic dance and it will never get old. It was even featured in the movie, “13 Going On 30.” (Really, only worth watching for this scene)…

 Look at that DJ work his magic! Love it.

Ok, so here’s the tutorial. After the first few moves, the instructor, kind of stops teaching and gets a little distracted by getting into his element. He doesn’t actually stop for you to start from the beginning, which, with all the steps, would probably be helpful to get the sequence, but I feel like if you paused and re-played the video enough times, you could totally learn it…

And what kind of “Thriller” post would this be, without the original, so here it is, to dance along to! Enjoy!





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