My First Halloween in D.C.

28 10 2009

A. 49  10/28/09

This Halloween is a monumental one for me, because I just realized it is the first time I will be spending Halloween in Washington, D.C. All other years, I have spent my favorite holiday in Maryland. Even in the past few years after going to college in Baltimore, I have still opted to spend All Hollow’s Eve in Baltimore, specifically, Fell’s Point.

This year, however, my usual Baltimore buddy is going to Cleveland, OH, leaving me to my own hometown for a change. I think it’s funny how I’ve lived in (or near) D.C. for the majority of my life, and yet, I have yet to spend a Halloween in the city. So far, D.C. has not disappointed me.

For today’s Halloween special, I am bringing you Disney’s Tower of Terror ride pre-boarding video.

This is one of my all-time favorite rides, partially because of one memorable experience I had at Disney World. A few year ago, I went on this ride by myself while the rest of my family stood in line for a live show of, Aladdin. As a single rider, I got to go through the usually long line with ease. I rode the ride (for possibly the 3rd time in a row that day) and everything went great. Then, at the end of the ride, everyone’s seat belts wouldn’t open for us to escape the ride. There was a glitch and something was for real, wrong. We had to sit in the ride for a few mysterious minutes, fumbling with our seta belts, until a ride operator came in to inspect the problem. More minutes past, and the ride started to move as we could see some of the inner workings to the ride. Finally the ride was fixed and we were released from our seats. As an apology for the inconvenience, we were given the option to ride the ride again with no more line. So I took them up on it. It was pretty cool to see the long line of people waiting, and just go right in front of them for another go around. The other people were confused, but I just smiled, thinking about this great new experience and story I had to tell.

Happy Halloween Countdown of 3 more days!




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28 10 2009
Matthew B.

I would totally appreciate it if you would just use my name, I would LOVE that, Hello!!!!!! Have we never met?

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