Drinking+Kickball=Aching Body

26 10 2009

P.82  10/26/09


I know I’ve written about this before, how most often when I drink, I end up with an aching body the next day. But how did this past Saturday’s kickball costume party leave me with a swollen lip, a scrape on the underside of my nose, and a very stiff and sore lower back and entire left side?

It makes no sense…

And because of whatever shenanigans I must have gotten myself into, I had to decline playing kickball for the first time ever, yesterday. I still went to the game and I even went up to kick once, though. Also, in what I’m going to assume is just a coincidence, yesterday’s kickball game was my Sunday team’s first loss of the season, bruising our undefeated record to 5-1-0. True, we did win five games in a row, which is still impressive, and we remain the best team in the league. But we played a team that also should have given us an automatic win because they should have forfeited for not having enough players to play.

Oh well. All that I can really focus on right now is my aching body. So I’m thinking of buying those heating patches. I saw a commercial for them on TV last night, and had one of those moments when it felt like the TV was talking personally to me. “Do you have aches and pains?” YES! I do!




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