A Friendly Ghost

26 10 2009

A. 47  10/26/09

Last night, I watched one of my favorite Halloween-time movies, Casper. Apparently this movie was the first to incorporate computer animation, back in 1995. The animators did a really good job with the special effects in creating somewhat believable ghosts. (Also in 1995, the first fully computer animated movie, Toy Story was released, making that year pretty monumental in animation history.)

Anyways, one problem I’ve always had with this movie is in the end, when the audience is finally shown what Casper looks like as a human. I never liked that scene in particular, because the boy we are shown never matched up in my mind as to an appropriate equal for the ghost. Throughout the whole movie, we are given a pretty generic ghost as Casper:

We also learn that Casper is a twelve-year-old boy. From the ghost image we have, we can assume very little as to what Casper looked like as a human. I always thought the ghost looked really young, though. -Maybe more along the lines of what a five-year-old boy would look like as a ghost. Kat is supposed to be in high school, so when we see her dance with Casper, the age difference is a little odd. Nonetheless, when we are shown what Casper looks like in the end of the movie, he looks nothing like I had possibly thought of what Casper would look like:

Also, my favorite quote in the movie is:

“Don’t pick up the extension every time she gets a phone call. French Fries are not a breakfast food. And don’t ask her to wear a t-shirt under her bathing suit.”

Ok, so who’s up to kiss a ghost?

Happy Halloween Countdown: 5 more days!




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