A Rocky Virgin

23 10 2009

A. 46  10/23/09

I’m going to see the musical of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” tonight with some friends. I was telling my parents that one of my friends has never seen the show before and this is how they responded:

Mom: Do you know what someone is called who has never seen Rocky Horror before?

Dad: Stupid?

Me: No. I know: A Rocky Horror virgin.

I’m pretty excited to see the show tonight. Along with seeing the movie countless times, I have also been to NYC to see it performed live. I have not, however, ever seen the show acted out while simultaneously being played on a movie screen. (I did see that style performance of the other Tim Curry movie, “Clue” at the University of Maryland, College Park, a few years ago.) Anyways, I’m hoping tonight’s promising show is amazing. But then again, I expect no less!

Happy 8 Day Countdown till Halloween!



5 responses

23 10 2009

Don’t worry, it would definately be awesome!!
I love the active performance here in Israel 😛
it’s funny.

23 10 2009
Allie Allen

That sounds so fun! Have you ever seen Phantom of the Paradise? Check it out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phantom_of_the_Paradise

23 10 2009

Never heard of that movie. Sounds pretty cool though. Thanks!

24 10 2009

It was good seeing you tonight- sorry I was all over the place but hope you enjoyed the show!

24 10 2009
Virgin no more

Stupid? Really?


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