Come Live At The Overlook

22 10 2009

A. 45  10/22/09

While flipping through the pages of today’s Express newspaper, I came across an ad for apartment rentals. One of the apartment buildings (which looks like a new building) is called The Overlook and is located at 3700 9th St., SE DC 20032. The Overlook? That’s the name of the famous hotel in “The Shining”. Why would anyone want to stay at a place with the very same name? Very odd…

So in my search to find a video clip online to accompany this latest discovery, I came across this juicy tidbit of internet wonder:

It’s “The Shining”, Sweded! As in, a very low-budget, quick re-make like the ones made in the Michel Gondry  movie, “Be Kind, Rewind.” It’s pretty spot on and amazing, if you ask me.

Also, for another unique take on one of my favorite movies, watch the Lego version of “The Shining” …

And with that I say, Happy 9 Days Countdown till Halloween!




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