10 Day Mark

21 10 2009

A. 44  10/21/09

Today marks the 10 day countdown start till Halloween. I’m kicking off the official countdown with this classic music video. (I originally wanted to use this for later into the countdown, but figured it just couldn’t wait.) I wasn’t a particular fan of this music group when they were popular back in the 1990s, but now I find myself drawn to this ultra-campy and catchy style of music. And I can’t help but be thoroughly entertained by the kitschy, Halloween-like theme to the music video.

It’s odd though, that the Backstreet Boys had the image that the lyrics, “Everybody rock your body. Everybody rock your body right. Backstreet’s back all right!” would call to mind, a creepy Haunted House. Personally, that’s not the first thing I’d think of, but then again, if they were looking to confuse their audience with a video not to match their music, then I think they nailed it!

Nonetheless, Happy 10 Day Countdown Start!




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