Demetri Martin

19 10 2009

C. 25  10/19/09

Saturday night, I went to my alma mater, UMBC for its Homecoming. I’m not normally one for excessive amounts of school spirit, and I didn’t go to last year’s Homecoming, my first year out of school. But when I found out that one of my favorite comedians, Demetri Martin would be the star of this year’s Homecoming Comedy Show, I couldn’t pass that up.

Martin, a relatively new comedian on the scene (compared to say, the likes of Lewis Black or Tracy Morgan, both who I have also seen at UMBC Homecoming shows) is well known for his one-liners and clever yet blunt observations. Take his clever lines from Saturday’s show:

I saw a lady at the airport wearing sweatpants. They said, “Gap” on the back. You don’t need to advertise that, you know.

Some people say things are “super duper,” but what if it’s not that super? I’m going to start calling things just plain “duper.” Like, that was such a duper show.

I’m not superstitious, I’m just “stitious.” I have just the right amount of “stish.”

And my two favorite lines from that night:

A question mark is an exclamation point with scoliosis.

If someone asks you what you do for a living, tell them you are a business card maker. Then, pull out a business card that says, “See?”

I love typography jokes and graphic design jokes. A business card designer? I do that! For real!

Another thing Martin did that was memorable during the show (although maybe not so great) was that he kept using a laser pointer to point out people in the audience who had their camera lights on as they were obviously recording his show. He got noticeably annoyed with these people, and even lost his train of thought after complaining about being taped. Maybe the event organizers should have written on the tickets that any kind of recording would not be permitted. I guess it’s too late now, and Martin did get his point across, if eventually.

One of the most memorable aspects of the night actually happened before the show even started. As I had predicted, the gym where the show took place was getting hot, as the audience was packing themselves into the crowded space. I was sitting on the top row of the bleachers, and stood up to take my jacket off. I didn’t think anything of it when I dropped my jacket onto what I figured would be my seat. However, instead my jacket fell behind the bleachers and all the way down to the ground underneath. I was horrified. My jacket had fallen to the depths of the UMBC bleachers and it seemed like I would never recover it again. There were many worried and stressed conversations with security guards and personnel and I was left with the solution that I could come back the next day when the management would have pushed the bleachers in after the show. I was not satisfied with this decision and the idea of driving an hour back to the school and possibly miss my kickball game the next day, but it seemed like I had no other choice.

Well anyways, the show started and this girl in front of me took her cellphone out, I think to use its camera. Just like me, she accidentally dropped her phone and it too, fell underneath the bleachers. She also went to seek the help from a guard, but soon thereafter came back to her seat. Despite our “missing” personal items, I found both of us soon forgetting our misfortunes and laughing along at the great comedy show. I guess that means Demetri Martin is just that successful at what he does.

In the end, after the show, we were able to find and convince some personnel to push the bleachers in far enough so that a number of people could walk underneath the bleacher’s skeleton to retrieve our fallen things. It was a pretty strange adventure, but also kind of cool. But really, I’m just duper glad it all worked out in the end!



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