D.C. Is No Place For Sharks

16 10 2009

S. 42  10/16/09

Some events in sports are made for history. Last night’s Caps game against the San Jose Sharks was historic. (Exact quote from my dad: “There are no sharks in San Jose! It’s inland.” – That’s kind of true.)

Apparently until last night, the following things were true about the Caps’ record against the Sharks:

  1. The Caps had not won a game against the Sharks since Feb. of 1999. It was basically a decade ago that the Caps last beat this team. Oof.
  2. The Sharks’ goalie, Evgeni Nabokov had never lost to the Caps.
  3. Alex Ovechkin had never scored against the Sharks.

Well, those three facts are all history now, because in last night’s home game, the Caps put an end to all that with a monumental game and a final score of 4-1. Highlights include the two goals Ovie scored in a total of 28 seconds. Love it. And for some reason Alexander Semin has this odd habit of falling down most times he shoots the puck and scores. It’s like he puts so much force into his shot, that he loses control and falls to the ice. It’s pretty entertaining to watch. Oh, and Matt Bradley, a former Shark, also scored which was awesome.

Also to note was the fantastic goal-tending from both of the Caps’ goalies. Jose Theodore held down the game really well in the first period. I am always hesitant when Jose is in goal, just because he’s had such varied performances. But last night he shined. When the second period had begun however, Semyeon Varlamov  had taken his place and it was a double-header for Russian goalies for the rest of the night. Apparently Jose had been injured by what seemed to be a Sharks player falling on top of Jose’s arm and/or hand. Yet, Varlamov continued with Jose Theodore’s top performance and led the Caps to their historic and much-needed win.

Picture 1

The best part of the game on TV, though, was when Lisa Hillary, a sportscaster on Comcast SportsNet gave a post-game interview on the bench with Alex Ovechkin. She asked him what he said to the Sharks’ goalie, Evgeni Nabokov, after Nabokov made a stop on one of Ovie’s many shots, early in the game. Without any hesitation, Ovie simply responded, “It’s a secret” with a cute little smirk. Um, have I told you lately that I love that man?




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16 10 2009

I bet ten years ago, you wouldn’t be saying those things now would you lol?

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