Awesome Halloween Website

16 10 2009

A. 42  10/16/09

In getting in the mood for my favorite holiday of Halloween, I am providing you with an exciting Halloween website: (Yes, it’s safe for work.) The best part of this website is the audio, so be sure you can listen to it, otherwise you won’t be able to fully appreciate it. (My favorite is the witch’s cackling.)

It turns out that this website is just a portfolio piece for the Corvus Design Studio, which by the way, has a pretty awesome logo:


Because the website is just a portfolio sample, none of the links are actually click-able. I guess it’s just to show the page layouts, the animation, and the audio. Nonetheless, all of that is pretty great. The spooky imagery is just the right amount of creepy and I really like all of the animation and the way it’s all tied together with the layered audio.

If you check out the design studio’s website’s portfolio, you can see their extensive, professional design work. They have some really cool stuff. I especially am fond of their logo design. The studio is based out of San Luis Obispo, California, and I can definitely see the West Coast vibe coming through in their work.




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13 12 2009

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