I Love Victoria

13 10 2009

P. 80  10/13/09

No, I don’t love somebody named Victoria. I do however, love the place Victoria, in British Columbia.

Victoria's Government building

Victoria's Government building

There are many reasons why I fell in love with this historic city. These reasons are:

  1. Victoria is a pretty name.
  2. The city has an interesting history as a major port city. I like port cities like Baltimore!
  3. The city is very walk-able and easy to navigate.
  4. Victoria’s got charm.
  5. It’s in Canada, and I love Canada.
  6. The weather is nice year-round: something like an average of 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit.
  7. The city is haunted. I know that for most people this is a bad thing, but I kind of believe in ghosts and I think that it’s pretty cool.
  8. With an abundance of gardens everywhere you look, Victoria is very pretty.
  9. The people we met in Victoria were very friendly.
  10. Victoria has good pizza joints.
  11. Victorian-style (well, duh) architecture is prominent in houses and stores, a style which I am a fan of.
  12. And it’s only a 90 minute ferry ride from the U.S.A!



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