U2 Concert-Abduction

6 10 2009

C. 24  10/6/09

I am finally getting around to posting my review/comments about the U2 concert I went to a week ago on 9/29/09. But to make this post more enjoyable, I have decided to let my photos speak for themselves, as I present the picture-book version of this story.

Thanks to YouTube, here is a video from the concert of my favorite U2 song, Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For. The video was also taken from a similar vantage point that my seats were at (the 400 upper level). This song was especially memorable because the audience was invited to sing along and provide the music. It was also the beginning of a number of times where the band would end their song by transitioning to a different, familiar song not by them, in this case, Stand By Me.

The set that U2 had erected for their tour was one of the most bizarre feats of engineering I have seen. It was some combination of a caterpillar:


and a UFO:


to create the alien spaceship-wondrous-enormous-“beam me up, Scotty” stage:


The set was probably as close to a real space ship that anyone in the audience will ever experience. To add to the outer space feeling, the arena was filled with the David Bowie song, “Ziggy Stardust” before the show started. I’m not sure if the song (most likely to test the sound system) was chosen on purpose or if it was purely a happy accident, but I thought it set the mood right as a pre-cursor to being abducted by U2.

The light show-spectacular was extremely impressive too:





As you might be able to tell, there was a lot going on, besides the extraordinary display of the lights. A very important thing to recall about this “abduction” concert experience was the use of the cylindrical Jumbo Tron which hung above the stage like so:


After the band was introduced of Adam Clayton:


The Edge:

SDC10844Larry Mullen Jr:

SDC10852and Bono:


the concert abduction got even more interesting. The round screens that were above the screen expanded into many small honeycomb-shaped screens. The expended and elongated screens stretched down closer to the stage and the many screens were used like mosaic pieces to show video of the band and flowing colors:



I’m not sure which song it was for, but then the UFO set went into full-crazy hyper mode. Spotlights placed on the top of the set combined to all spew light into the night sky as a single beam, the top spindle lit up, the individual honeycomb screens light up in addition to being a part of a mosaic image, lights were coming from every which way, not only from the set, but also with the aide of the stadium’s lights atop the seats. It was a beautiful maddening chaos to be seen and heard:


Another song with excellent effects was, Vertigo. The screens compacted again, were lowered down above the stage, and video quickly spun around of the band. Since the mini-screens were back together and lowered, you could now see the back bone to the set, and it was completely lit up. The light went all the way up to the top spindle and I was waiting for the moment when the space ship-set would rocket off.


All in all, it was a very fun experience. Don’t let anyone tell you that they won’t remember anything after an alien abduction. I can tell you that the concert-abduction by the Irish aliens, U2 is a memory of a lifetime.




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