Unplanned Reunions

5 10 2009

P. 77  10/5/09

I have recently noticed that I have been running into a lot of former classmates of mine from my high school days. It’s weird that I’ve been encountering so many pseudo-familiar faces lately. I did not stay in touch with many of my classmates after graduating from high school; let alone, still stay in touch six years later after college, too. Maybe it’s because many of my high school counterparts are moving home after college due to this poor economy. Maybe it’s because Washington, D.C. is such a resourceful city to live near/in.

It’s not necessarily a matter that these unplanned reunions are a good or a bad thing, it’s just odd that so many former classmates are turning up in the short time period that has been the past few months. I have probably seen close to ten former classmates in the narrow time period. Not every time I have re-introduced myself. And not every time the classmate remembers me.

There was the guy waiting for the Metro at Friendship Heights with me, who I have also seen at an Irish pub in Bethesda. The two guys at the DC United soccer game with DC Kickball (one of whom didn’t remember me which was a little awkward). The guy at the kickball bar who’s a friend of a kickball player in my division. The two kickball players in my new Sunday division (one of whom is the younger sister of a former classmate). The guy I think I went to elementary school with who I’ve seen at the Metro Center Metro on a number of occasions. I recently got back in touch with a friend from high school who was on my kickball team. The guy, a year older than me who I saw at the U2 concert. …To name a few.

It’s an odd notion to see these grown-up versions of what I may have been familiar with at one time, re-emerging into my life. It’s also strange that these late summer/early fall months seem to offer up such familiarities. I also think it’s funny how so many former high school classmates have joined the DC Kickball league. Who knew that a childhood sport combined with drinking would have such a common appeal among similarly-educated people?




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