Caps Love Their Hockey

2 10 2009

S. 41  10/2/09

I just read this amazing article that I found via Ted Leonsis’ blog, Ted’s Take. The article, written by Dan Steinberg for the local sports blog, D.C. Sports Bog asks the players on the Caps if they had 24 hours to live, how would they spend their last hours of life?

I learned a few things from this read:

1.  The most important thing I learned is that Brooks Laich is still single!

Brian Pothier said, “Brooksie’s a single guy with no family.”

2.  Brooks really likes to play hockey. He loves the sport. This is one reason why I think if we ever dated we could get a long really well. I also LOVE hockey.

3.  Some hockey players (i.e: Mike Knuble and Brooks Laich) want to jump out of an airplane (with or without a parachute). What a way to go.

Laich said he’d jump out of a plane, but without a parachute.

“If you’re gonna die after 24 [hours], might as well jump out at 23: 59, no?” he asked.)

4.  Being a professional hockey (or for that matter any sports) player is the ideal job because it’s something you love to do and something you would probably be doing anyways, whether or not you’d be getting paid to do it. As Mike Green explains,

“I mean, we’re fortunate people. Athletes are fortunate people that get to do what they love. And if you don’t, then you shouldn’t be playing this game.”

5.  I love hockey players. I love Brooks Laich.




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