My Epic Weekend

30 09 2009

A. 41  9/30/09

I know I have been a little MIA in the past few days. To my faithful readers: I’m sorry. I’ve had so many exciting things happen to me since Friday night, all of which I have been looking forward to blogging about. I just haven’t found the time! If anything, I will post some pictures though…

I had a most epic weekend and last few days: Friday night I went home for dinner, only to come back to my apt. past midnight with 2 fire drills and some apparently flooded and un-usable elevators. (My apt. building also had a fire alarm earlier last week! ) Matt came for the weekend and on Saturday we went to the National Book Festival and at night went out with some friends to Dupont Circle and Cleveland Park. Sunday I went to a preseason Caps game with some other friends. Then I had another epic kickball game win with face paint and the biggest/longest game of flipcup EVER (like 20 people each side). Two nights ago I went to a cool Jazz concert at the Birchmere in Alexandria. And last night I saw the U2 360 Tour at FedEx Field (which I will be writing about later)!

For now…uno, dos, tres, FOURTEEN?!?!




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