Sunday vs. Thursday Kickball

25 09 2009

S. 39  9/25/09

So I’ve already played two games of Sunday kickball and I’ve got almost 4 complete seasons of Thursday kickball under my belt and let me tell you, there are a lot of differences I can gather from playing kickball in the different divisions.

Sure the game is the same both on the fields and at the bar. The intentions seem to all be the same too. The camaraderie and friendships are there too.

So aside from the most obvious difference that I am playing on Sunday afternoons (the end of the weekend) versus Thursday nights (so close to the weekend you can taste it), there are some pretty surprising differences, too.

I’ll begin with the more obvious. Unlike having to worry about the limited daylight hours in the dwindling fall evenings, Sunday afternoons are filled with beautiful, warm sunlight. It’s actually been hot as the sun shines down on us on the bar’s outdoor patio, so much that I’ve felt like I was getting sunburned. Thursday evenings, many players can be seen sporting sweatshirts and sweatpants.

Probably related to this issue of light is the number of innings we play in the game. On Thursdays we play 5 innings, although due to the limited light we have decreased it to a mere 4 innings. On Sundays, we play a whopping 6 innings! Crazy.

Also different is the number of teams that play per division. The Capital division spans  playing on two days: Wednesday and Thursday, with about 8 teams on each day. In the Constitution/Sunday division, there is only one day to play on, and so half as many teams. This also creates a much more intimate group of players and I have the feeling that by the end of the Constitution season, I’ll get to everyone much more closely.

Another observation I’ve made about the differences in these two kickball divisions is that (maybe because this division is older but) the Capital division is much more involved in the social aspect of the league than the Constitution division. For example, the Capital board members create and write two weekly email newsletters. The first one is known as “Everybody Scores!” and sets up each game of the week. It lets players know of the predicted weather, the match-ups, and which team is predicted to win. The second e-newsletter is called “That Was The Week That Was” (or TWTWTW). This newsletter is a recap of the week’s events: games both on the fields and at the bar. It lets everyone know the final scores, the kickball highlights, and any shenanigans that occurred at the bar. There is also something called, The Crystal Pitcher award which is given to the team who has the most spirit at the bar. This is given out at the end of the season.

Another interesting thing to note is because of the difference in game times/days, it creates a much different social atmosphere. It seems like on Sundays afternoons, there is more of a mood towards friendship. To contrast, Thursday nights call for flirting and a much higher chance of going home with another player. Probably because of Casual Fridays and many students not having classes on Fridays, many players see Thursday night as an optimal time for furthering a crush or creating a one night stand. Another contributor to this is that Thursday night players get much more rowdy and drunk and so the inhibitions are let loose. Sunday afternoons are leisurely and friendlier. Nobody seems to get the urge to get crazy drunk before the work week starts again and if the temptation to go home with a player was present, it would probably be more like a date and less like a hookup.

This last statement however, does make for a good thing for those in kickball who seek a significant other. While Thursday players seem to get physical before getting to know the other on a more personality basis, Sunday players seem to get the advantage of discovering each other on a more friendly basis and less physical. True, each way has its advantages and disadvantages. But for someone looking to find a “real” relationship, I’d recommend a day-time division.

All in all, I’m very satisfied with each division. It’s kind of a breath of fresh air the way each division is so handled differently. It’s a nice switch-up.



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