Are You Really a Caps Fan?

24 09 2009

S. 38  9/24/09

This morning I adorned my Caps hat for fun. I wanted to celebrate that hockey (pre)season is now in order.  And the Caps won their game last night. And you know, why not? Well I had a most memorable conversation on the Metro this morning because of my choice of head attire…

Man: Are you really a Caps fan or did someone give you that hat?

Me: Yeah! Totally!

I wanted to say more, but alas, I’m shy. And I didn’t know how to react to such a statement. It was kind of insulting.

Man: I’ve never meet a Caps fan before.

Me: Really?! Wow…

Again, I wanted to say some witty retort, but couldn’t come up with the perfect response.

Man: They’ve got that one-man-team, Alex Ovechkin, right?

Me: They have him, yeah.

No way would I agree with this crazy guy that OV is carrying the team. Besides, the Caps have a lot of really awesome players, like Mike Green, Nicklas Backstrom, and Alexander Semin, to name a few.

[Sometime later, right as the man was getting off at his stop]

Man: I’m just kidding…I’m from Pittsburgh.

Me: Oohhhhh….That explains A LOT.

Meaning, Oh, OK. You’re one of THOSE nasty Pittsburgh fans.

So what’s up with this man on the Metro? What am I to think of this exchange? Did he mean that he was kidding about everything or just the Ovechkin comment? (Probably not. Pittsburgh folks like to rat on the Caps, so that was probably sincere.) Was he kidding about never meeting a Caps fan before? (Maybe. I bet Caps fans try to avoid him. Although he is in D.C., so that comment seemed a little far fetched.) Or maybe he was just saying that he was kidding around with me. Just getting under my tail feathers or something.

I think it’s funny how there’s this unspoken dislike for people from Pittsburgh of those in Washington and vice versa. Hockey (or sports in general) have an overwhelming influence on people and their interaction with others. It’s kind of a funny phenomenon.




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25 09 2009

I’m just kidding? What kind of guy is going to go through an entire fake convo like that?

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