Olie the Goalie Retires

23 09 2009

S. 37  9/23/09

Today, Olaf “Olie the Goalie” Kolzig retired from the NHL. It is a sad day in history. I have always loved Olie. He played for the Caps for 14 years. The Caps were Olie’s first team in the NHL and played with them for 95% of his NHL career (except a year in Tampa and an almost year with Toronto).

I remember when my friend, Z and I went to the Rock N’ Sports Experience at the old Convention Center in D.C. Olie was there and we were excited to meet him. I brought along facepaint so we could decorate our faces for the Caps. My friend, Z wrote “Zilla” on her chin which although was really funny and bizarre looking; it was to replicate Olie’s goalie mask:


I remember The two of us got to talk to Olie. We were so excited to be conversing with one of our favorite players. He asked us if we had gone to the last Caps home game and I think Z blurted out that we were there. We really didn’t go, but my friend got so wrapped up in talking to Mr. Kolzig himself, that she didn’t want to disappoint him. I thought that was so funny and honorable. I joked with Z that how dare she lie to our hero. But it was out of good intentions and that’s what mattered to us.

Olie was a great man for so many reasons. I will miss seeing him play hockey. He has been the goalie I have watched play the most. My hockey fandom began with Olie in goal. And now I will have to resort to watching old clips of him work his magic. True, his time may have come, but he will still be missed.





2 responses

23 09 2009

Did you ever catch the song “Olie the Goalie” that used to play on 99.1HFS maybe 2 months of 1995ish? Features lines like “Olie the Goalie always keeps his cool while the puck shots around him are pilin’/He makes the opposing team’s players so pale they should all change their name to Scott Weiland”. Classic!

24 09 2009

Don’t think I ever heard it. I’ll have to look for it now. Thanks!

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