21 09 2009

C.22  9/21/09


Last night I went to a most fantastic concert by MGMT which was hosted by the new car, the KIA Soul. The concert was part of a weekend-long series of concerts called the Kia Soul Collective. The brief but exciting series consisted of artists, Wale, The Creepers, Dan Deacon, and MGMT. The shows were held in what seemed to be a random empty space which is called The Warehouse. It is located in what I like to call “Sketchville” DC, in Kenilworth NE next to the Washington Times building at the edge of New York Avenue.


Anyways, ever since first finding out about the band, MGMT on the University of Edinburgh’s radio station, Fresh Air, more than a year ago, I have really liked the sound and music. I can best describe MGMT’s music as indie-electronic-dance-pop. It’s not really the kind of music I typically like, but then again, I have a really wide variety of music I like. You can check out MGMT’s cook website here.


I went with a friend who managed to score the free tickets on Friday afternoon. Both of us were crammed into a tightly squeezed audience in front of the smallish stage. My friend and I were trying to figure out if there was going to be an opening band, when a band took the stage and played an unrecognizable song. It was pretty “mainstream rock” sounding and we were confused, since I hadn’t seen any info about an opener. The next song was a recognizable hit from MGMT’s album (called Oracular Spectacular). That’s when my concert companion and I concluded that there was no opener in fact and that we were watching MGMT for real.


The concert was a lot of fun, and the band managed to play most if not all of the songs from their album. They also played some new songs which I assume will be on their next album. One highlight of the show was when one of the band members polled the audience, “Ok, we can either play a new song, or play “Kids” [one of their biggest hits] again.” The result was pretty funny. The audience kept cheering for “Kids” again, even though we had already heard it, and few cheered for the new song that MGMT played anyways. (I liked the new song. It wasn’t necessarily memorable, but it was more mellow and slow than a lot of their stuff.) I guess MGMT are too indie even for their own selves, that the unknown music *should* stay unknown?

My squished spot in the crowd didn’t allow more much dancing room or a very good line of sight to the stage, but the music was loud enough and the crowd was sufficiently fun. It was definitely a memorable experience, especially for a concert on a Sunday night.


The one thing though, that I noticed was the very narrow age group present. I almost seemed to be a “poser” in the mostly college-aged  audience. Like, who did I think I was, trying to be more hip and young like these total hipster students? At times, I felt out of place (especially since I was still in kickball clothes). But there was nothing I could do about it, especially since I didn’t know about the band until a few years after I graduated college. It was just a slightly uncomfortable conundrum. It seemed like this band’s following was too young for me, and a lot of the other music I like (60’s-80’s rock for example) is “too old” for me. That leaves me with the “correct age group music” for me as the sometimes-lame 90’s music and the early 00’s. Not sure how I feel about that, but really I just don’t think I care. Whatever, I will still listen to the music I like.  My point however is, that when submersed among the audience of a band such as MGMT, I felt oddly old. But maybe that’s just the modern, electro-pop sound.


Anyways, the concert was great fun and I’m definitely glad I went!




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