The Real World Spotting #2

18 09 2009

C. 22  9/18/09

Last night included the usual weekly kickball matchup. But then in addition, a few friends and I ran into a few cast members on MTV’s The Real World. That was fun, especially since I had just read something about how the filming for the show is being wrapped up soon. Anyways, here were the recaps of the night, as best I can remember…

On the drive to the bar and while hunting around for a nearby parking spot, we drove past a few ladies walking in front of a few video cameras. I flipped out, and not noticing that our car’s windows were down, shrieked that they were from The Real World. Naturally, I excited the others in the car, though I don’t think the cast and crew noticed. (They probably get that ALL the time.) Anyways, we found a parking space,  and while walking to McFadden’s (which I also explained to my companions was where one of the cast members worked), my friend, Scrappy and I spotted The Real World ladies we had just seen, working out at a gym. (Can’t remember the name of the place though.) Scrappy and I stopped and tried to wave to the cast members. They smiled back, and one of the girls even waved back. (We made contact! Ha. Yes!) Scrappy was also trying to offer her bottle of (spiked) Gatorade to them, though I’m pretty sure they had no idea what my friend was saying, since you can’t hear from behind the windows. Still cool, nonetheless.



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19 09 2009

Aw man you’re going to be their best friend before you know it!

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