Happy Birthday OV!

17 09 2009

S. 36   9/17/09

Today is Alex Ovechkin’s 24th birthday! So to celebrate, I am going to illustrate the reasons why Ovie and I are alike. -And awesome, of course.

First off, Alex used to sport a pretty nifty mirrored visor on his helmet. Apparently, he doesn’t wear the ultra-cool visor anymore. Something about it giving him an unfair advantage since other players couldn’t see his eyes. I just think the others were jealous.

I also like to sport cool, mirrored sunglasses. People may think I’m crazy for wearing them, but let me tell you, there have been plenty of occasions where I have happily taken advantage of people not being able to see what I’m looking at. (Checking out guys in secret, comes to mind, first.)

Picture 3

Speaking of Alex’s and my unique sense of fashion, let’s not forget the way we like to wear our hair. Both Alex and I have been caught sporting a huge afro wig on occasion.

Alex apparently was shown wearing such a wig on TV in the locker room between periods in one of the Caps’ home games. You can watch him revel in his glory here:

I also own myself a very groovy afro wig, which people who know me have had the fortune (or to some, the misfortune) of seeing me wear.

Another example of Alex favoring the wild side of the fashion world’s selection of accessories, is his “costume” in last year’s NHL All Star game:

Ok, ok, but all crazy fashion aside, Alex and I really are alike. We are both on sports teams (he plays hockey, and I play kickball). We are both competitive, we are the same age (actually, I am almost exactly half a year older than Alex, with my half-birthday being the day after Alex’s birthday), and we both look good in the color red. Alex and I also each have a close knit family and belonging.

So here’s to you, Alex Ovechkin. May your 24th birthday be fun and may you play a great game of hockey in tonight’s pre-season opener game in Buffalo against the Sabres. I love you, Ovie. You are A-Ok in my books! I can’t wait to see you at home in D.C. soon!

Let’s Go Caps!




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18 09 2009

He’s exactly 6 months younger than me!

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