Escalator Lap Lanes

15 09 2009

M.13  9/15/09

I have a great idea for Metro escalators. You know how there are large gaps of space between each queue of escalator stairs? Well why not put that empty space to good use?


Most Washingtonians know that to properly ride the Metro and not get hassled by the locals, you are supposed to stand on the right and walk to the left. It shouldn’t be a problem, but what happens when you’re in a hurry and stuck behind a slow walker? There is no escape. You can’t always move to pass them if there are people standing in what would be your “passing” lane.

So I’m proposing a third lane of escalator space. There certainly seems to be enough room in most stations. Or, maybe the third lane of space would only be for the more busy Metro stations. A third lane would be implemented for the fastest of travelers. Those who run or speed walk up and down the escalators. This way, if you wanted to walk, but didn’t want to feel hurried or further or slowed down, you could have your own comfortable walking lane for whichever pace you chose. If everyone decided to walk the same speed though, it would just be added space to better move traffic.

Think of it like the many lap lanes you find in swimming pools. Swimmers try to organize and divide themselves according to the pace in which they swim to better ensure everyone will have a more enjoyable experience.




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