Kickball Take 2

14 09 2009

S.35  9/14/09

Well I went for it and actually joined a second kickball team. It’s not just another team, because in this case I am playing on two teams in two different divisions, at the same time. I think the following conversation best shows my decision for joining this second team…

Matt: Is the only reason you’re joining another team, is to meet boys?

Me: Um…basically.

Matt: Yeah, I didn’t think you were really joining it for more exercise.

Me: Well that can’t hurt, but yeah. It’s for the boys, really.

Well in a short recap of Sunday afternoon’s events (yes, that’s right, we play on what is called Sunday Funday), here goes. I got to the game late, but was still able to get to kick. Try as I might, I did what has become my signature kick of kicking a pop up to either the pitcher or the first baseman, this time being right to first. (Ugh.) I also played an uneventful stint as Right Fielder. The game turned out to be an ongoing fight to inch above a tie. In the last inning, at the bottom, we had the chance to score some runs in order for it not to end with a tie. The guy up to kick was very intoxicated and could barely stand still, he was so drunk. Our team (which by the way is called That’s What She Said) was noticeably worried that we would ruin our chances of scoring with Mr. Drunky there. But since we weren’t allowed to change our kicking order, he stayed there. After what looked like him getting fouled out, he had a successful kick and ran like a bullet, nonstop to third. He ended up making it to home for our winning tally. Nice! We won our first game of the season. It was pretty nice to be on a team that could play well and get a win early on (compared to my other team and longer dedication, Scarlet Fever).

The rest of the afternoon went well and the bar shenanigans proved to merrily bond all the players. I’m pretty excited because of the immediate friendships I made, too. Can’t wait for the next time we play!




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