Giant Rat!

10 09 2009

P. 74   9/10/09

Today I had so many things to write about, what with me joining a second kickball team (I know. I’m crazy) and my current apt. carpet situation (supposed to get new carpet today! Hooray! But alas, it won’t be until next week.); but then I came across a most amazing (and horrific) new discovery…

I was flipping through the Express newspaper, and on the inside front cover was the following quote:

“It’s actually so big it doesn’t look like a rat. It just is incredible. This is a really significant find.”

Under the quote it says that a new species of rat has been discovered in Papua New Guinea. The rat is called the Bosavi Woolly Rat, and upon reading that, I immediately Googled the name. This is what I found:

JUST PLAIN WOW. That thing is the size of a cat! And why is the man holding it? Ew. It’s really disturbingly big. (That’s what she said. Sorry. I had to.) Anyways, can you imagine if you saw one of these suckers roaming the streets of a city like New York or D.C? I’d probably scream so loud, I’d get a citation for disturbing the peace. Cars might abruptly stop, creating 5-car pile-ups. This, my friend could be a menace to society. Thank goodness it was found on an island. Let’s hope sailors don’t bring these creatures on board (either by accident or heaven knows why-on purpose)!




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