I Want To Be MADE

3 09 2009

L. 28  9/3/09

Today’s blog post is about the MTV show, Made. For those unfamiliar with the show, the MTV production team picks a person, often a high school student and in a Cinderella-like fashion turns that person into something they aren’t. Some common examples are the girl who’s a major tom boy who wants to be a girly girl model, a band geek who wants to be a rapper, and the shy, bookworm who yearns to be the center of attention. MTV brings in professionals to coach the person-in-“need” and the whole process is documented for TV. This reality show seems to always have a completely hopeless case and in the end, brings them great success. (Think of the innocent character Sandy in her major transformation at the end of the show, Grease.)

I have joked about this show with friends in the past, saying how I would want to be on this show and be “made” into a professional hockey player’s wife. I think the show should also cater to those people (i.e: myself) who still want to be Made, yet who are well beyond high school. This way, MTV could expand it’s “older” folks viewership. Their first episode for the “out of high school age group” could be mine. Plus, MTV wouldn’t have to promote getting married at such a young age, like 18 or younger. It would be for a person who is more of an appropriate marrying age (mid-twenties at least).

I was discussing this with a friend, when I stumbled on MTV’s casting website. The first paragraph reads that you don’t have to be in high school to be Made which perked up my attention.

“MADE is looking for the following for its newest season – if this applies to you and you’re between the ages of 15-24… contact us!”

The website has a separate email address for each type of person you would like to be Made into, such as an actor, dancer, cheerleader, rapper, wrestler, fashion designer, etc. I was looking to see where my case would fit in. I think it would best fall under the category for “Ladies Man/Boyfriend Material”:

“Ladies Man/Boyfriend Material: Guys/girls: Do you wish you had the confidence to get the attention of the opposite sex? Do you think you could be a good catch but just don’t seem to have the game to score a date? Let us know, email MADEladiesman@mtvnmix.com.”

It sounds pretty solid to me. I’m pretty tempted to follow through and email MTV my information. True, being Made into someone’s wife, shouldn’t really be a forced thing (and as the Genie in the Disney Aladdin movie points out, you can’t wish for love) but maybe they could set me up with a hockey player as a boyfriend. That’s at least a step in the right direction. And if not an NHL player, I’ll take the minor leagues… But either way, I have met most of the Washington Capitals and some of them have to be single, and since I already have got my foot in the door, meeting them-wise, I think that there could be some potential here.




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