Cheating the Internet

2 09 2009

P. 72  9/2/09

So I basically win at the internet. Ok, my blog wins at the game of internet. See below:

Picture 1

And to think I thought 112 views a day for a post about seeing the cast and crew of MTV’s The Real World was a high viewership. Yesterday’s new record of ~365 views tops the charts. Literally.

So I think you can see what I mean. How did this come to be? It’s a little thing I like to call, news marketing and carefully chosen words. I posted my blog post about Gmail being down onto Facebook and (accidentally) also set it as my status along with the text:

“Check out my blog for the beef on Gmail not working:”

I had to carefully choose my words, see because I didn’t actually know anything about how the Gmail outage occurred. I just knew that it had occurred. So when I wrote, “…for the beef on Gmail not working,” I made sure not to write, “for the beef on WHY Gmail is not working.” It makes sense to me. It’s one of those hazy sentences that could be taken to mean one thing when it really doesn’t mean that. I love the weirdness that is the English language!




2 responses

2 09 2009

Here’s the thing- I also got an boost in visitors yesterday, over 800…. but I feel like it’s some sort of error.

3 09 2009

did you write about anything that would garner that kind of attraction?

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