1 09 2009

C. 22  9/1/09

Lately I have been slightly obsessed with the guys from Flight of the Conchords, specifically Jermaine. I love him slightly more than Bret. I recently noticed that maybe my reason for loving Jermaine could be that he looks similar to another guy I love from a TV show; Brock from the Pokemon cartoon show.

This is especially exciting because I have always loved Brock the most from the Pokemon series. And now, to find a non-cartoon, real human who looks like him makes Brock a bit more tangible.

Use your imagination…

Picture 4





Picture 3vs:


No? Well, maybe it’s just me who sees a resemblance. But I can tell you that both men have similar eyes, which is a key feature here. The hair and skin tone could maybe be similar too. (Note: They are “similar,” NOT “the same.” I know.)

Does this help at all?…





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19 06 2015
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[…] to be drawn like that. Ever since watching the show, I have been trying to figure him out. I even blogged about it a few years ago, but still hadn’t put this to rest. Brock is so […]

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