Have You Ever Been Told That You’re Ms. New Zealand?

31 08 2009

A. 38  8/31/09

I spent all weekend watching a DVD of  Flight of the Conchords Season Two with my brother. Ok, maybe not ALL weekend, as I was spending a few glorious days at the beach, but every night my bro. and I spent watching the episodes from the very funny duo from New Zealand. If you’ve never heard this singer-songwriter-actor duo, I highly recommend it. I could tell you all about their funny TV show and music, or you could just find out for yourself here.

Anyways, I pretty much already know what the song of the week for this week will be, even though it is only Monday and the sing has been in my head since Saturday (which I know, is technically last week). It is my new favorite song by Flight of the Conchords. It’s incredibly catchy and fun and basically awesome. The first thing I said after watching the video at least 3 times in a row was accidentally a rhyme, it was that inspirational of a song. (“Ok, ok, I’m going to bed. I like having this song stuck in my head.”)

Since I refuse to post the same video twice on my blog (it’s pointless), I will present you here with the reprise of the song. Enjoy!




One response

1 09 2009

I totally have been told that, but it is mostly because I lived there and basically worship that country. I would move back in a heartbeat.

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