Good Decision Week

28 08 2009

P. 70  8/28/09

This week has been a monumental week for me in making good decisions. Who knew I could make so many good decisions in a week!? I sure didn’t. But I’m not complaining.

First of all, I realized that an obsession I’ve been having about a guy I dated last year and yet for some reason I’m not over, is going nowhere. I realized that I should stop all this nonsense before I get myself hurt…again or do something dumb. So I listened a lot to the South Pacific song, “I’m Gonna Wash That Man Out Of My Hair” and did just that. (I hope.) I’m friends with the guy which is good and it should stay that way. Maybe I still like him a teensy bit, but I realized my latest relapse was pointless so hopefully that won’t happen again.

Second of all, an ex recently IMed me while I was at work. Normally, I would say hi and have a blah conversation with him. But I have a new goal not to hang out or “overly socialize” with him unless I am dating someone else. So I didn’t give in to his friendly and innocently-seeming “what’s up?” I was pretty proud of myself.

Third of all, I have decided to go to the beach this weekend instead of attending a few parties in D.C. I am missing one party with a friend who I haven’t seen in a year and who I keep trying to see with no success. I am also missing my kickball mid-season party with an open bar. Yes, I said, open bar. Typically I love the kickball parties and hanging out with all of my friends. They are so much fun. But I have been sick and shouldn’t drink. I know that if I’m not drinking at a kickball party, I won’t have much fun. Plus, it’s supposed to thunderstorm all weekend and I don’t want to be wandering around in unfamiliar D.C. neighborhoods in the rain. By going to the beach I can (hopefully) avoid all of that. Plus…it IS the beach!

Who knew I could have so much self control? It’s almost as if I’m growing up and becoming more of an adult. Weird…




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