I Know I’m Crazy, But…

27 08 2009

S. 34  8/27/09

I realize I might not always make the best of decisions all the time. I know a lot of my friends think I’m often crazy. And for good reason, I suppose. One of my lifetime mottos is: “Making poor decisions is the spice of life.” It’s true. For example, have you all seen the movie, Yes Man? (It’s actually not that bad of a B movie as you’d think. I liked it!)

My history of making questionable decisions has led me to this blog post. Hopefully I can get some advice/input on my latest, greatest decision to make. I’m thinking that if I let the public know about this next choice, then I will be slightly more “sane” when I do chose my outcome.

So anyways, I currently play kickball. I’ve been in the Capital division for a few years, as this is my fourth season. I have been around for quite a decent amount of time in kickball years. (Actually this might not be true. I have a feeling that the average kickballer sticks around for at least 3 seasons.)  [On a side note, I just found this great article about kickball in the city.]


Recently I got an email from the Kickball organization asking if anyone would like to join up with another division of the league. (To note: all divisions are separate and do not play each other ever.) I guess this group, the Constitution division is new and lacks enough players for every team so they are recruiting from other divisions. They have also greatly reduced the joining fee by a whopping $15 in order to entice people to join. Oh, and these teams play on Sunday afternoons.

So I am considering joining. Here is my list of the pro’s and con’s of this decision: 


  • I don’t really do anything on Sunday afternoons anyways, so this would give me something to do.
  • Maybe (?) I could improve  my kickball game.
  • I could “escape” the normal drama of the Capital division.
  • (most importantly) I could make a ton more friends. -My first season in my current division I made a lot of new friends. One of the best things about DCKickball is that it’s such a “forced” social setting where you meet a lot of people in a short amount of time.
  • Many people date and get married through kickball relationships. Since I’m still single, maybe by joining two divisions at once, I’ll be increasing my chances of getting into a relationship.
  • The exercise is healthy.
  • The price is right.


  • The idea of getting drunk not just twice in one week, but also within four days isn’t necessarily appealing. (And just plain drinking without getting drunk is fine, but drinking to drunkenness is a big part of this kickball league. I wouldn’t want to let my new team down by being a “party pooper.”
  • Really? playing on TWO kickball teams at once? It’s a tad confusing and crazy. Really.
  • Having solid plans on Sunday afternoons, limits my free weekend time. This means that being tied down could limit going to Caps games on Sunday afternoons and weekend traveling. 
  • It might be weird going from being a “veteran” in one division, to being the “newbie” in another division. 
  • I’m not sure I want to join into another division without the company of a buddy/friend who also wants to join. Since I’m shy, I’m not sure I could get the full kickball experience from being shy and not talking to people, especially if I don’t know anyone. When I joined my current division, I knew a couple people, so meeting people was slightly less awkward.

Anyways, so that’s what I’ve been thinking. The first game in the Sunday Constitution division starts September 13th, so I should probably decided pretty soon. Any advice? Suggestions? Anyone want to join with me too?



2 responses

28 08 2009

tricky choice. I’d only ask if you could try out this new division for a little while, see if you like the people.

28 08 2009

no, it doesn’t work like that.

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