The Great Carpet Mess

25 08 2009

P.68  8/25/09

When I first moved into my apartment, I dismissed the old, dirty, stained carpet that covered the floor of the hallway and the living room. It didn’t matter to me that there were two different pieces that were a near miss in trying to be the same color but were slightly and obviously not. The living room had it’s own light brown carpet and the hallway had a reddish brown color. I was just thankful to have moved out of my parents’ house. I realized that the apartment may not have been in the best shape when I moved in, but my bedroom was big, there were good amenities, it was near the Metro, and also a very good price for all this. So I just brushed off the not-so-ideal “qualities” of the apartment.

All was well with our carpet until I came back from my past weekend at the beach. The first thing I noticed was the thick, long black cords weaving their way throughout my apartment. Then I noticed the odd, artificial fumes wafting towards me. It smelled like plastic and rubber and gross. Like stale plastic. I know that doesn’t make sense but that’s the best way I can describe the smell.

And then I turned on the light to see that our living room’s carpet had been ripped up violently from the floorboards. It was an odd sight, because it looked like whoever had started the job obviously didn’t finish and would be back. Where the two pieces of different colored carpet met, the living room carpet was all ripped up and was crumpled into what looked like a large animal-shaped hump. It turned out that the carpet was sitting on two large vibrating machines which I’m guessing are fans. There are two other large machine-fans or what we are concluding to be de-humidifiers. As I started to venture into our torn up living room it seemed that the carpet was completely disconnected to the floor and the fans/de-humidifiers were creating a big bubble of air underneath the carpet which took up most of the room and where there weren’t large objects keeping the carpet down, such as couches or tables. At the edge of this mess you could see the carpet lifted from the floor and some foam like material underneath. The floorboards were soggy and rippled too. It was a disaster.

My roommate later explained that over the weekend she was sitting in the living room and discovered that the carpet underneath her had become wet. No, soggy. You could even see the puddle of discolored carpet. Since calling our landlord had no effect (he was not returning our phone calls as of late), my roommates decided to let the apartment building know. They took the carpet problem to the management and apparently they were pretty prompt about doing something. Not only is it not good to have permanently wet carpet, but it was getting moldy and thus proved to be a health hazard.

carpet lump and stained carpet

carpet lump and stained carpet

torn up carpet which revealed the floor

torn up carpet which revealed the floor




2 responses

27 08 2009

That carpet is ugly- replace it quick!

29 10 2010
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