Cookie Monster & OV

24 08 2009

C.21  8/24/09

I just came across my  new favorite picture of Alex Ovechkin online:

CookieMonster, Ovechkin_2



CookieMonster, Ovechkin_1

I know Ovechkin’s teammates are always making fun of him for his “eclectic” style, but this one takes the cake, err…cookie. I’m not really sure where he got this shirt, why he’s wearing it, and why he has it. It is a pretty great and funny shirt though. If Alex Ovechkin were to ever appear on Sesame Street it would probably the most awesome thing ever. I can just see it now: Elmo teaches Alex how to properly speak English. Ha. Alex could teach Cookie Monster about eating healthily in order to stay fit. (Ironic that Alex is wearing this shirt, right?) So yeah, it’s pretty amazing. It’s a good thing Alex Ovechkin is kid-friendly…maybe that means he’d be open to having kids (with me, of course)!




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27 08 2009

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8 08 2010
Ovi Says Hello From Moscow In “Female Streaking” T-shirt

[…] Sure, maybe we’re not being not open-minded enough or maybe we long for the days when Ovi’s T-Shirts were a bit more family-friendly. But regardless, we think this video is evidence on who Ovi’s new shopping partner […]

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