Cake Rex and Barney the Killer

24 08 2009

P. 67  8/24/09

Yesterday I was with my family in the car. My brother and I were talking about how great the blog, Cake Wrecks is. (Basically for those unfortunate enough to have never visited the site, it’s a collection of photos of cake decorating gone horribly wrong. It’s pretty entertaining and usually I have to keep myself from bursting into loud and uncontrollable laughter while visiting the site at work.) 

Anyways, as I was saying, my brother and I were talking about our favorite cakes on the Cake Wrecks site. (This one might be my favorite.) As we were talking, my dad said something to my mom about how he never knows what my brother and I are talking about. I think my mom even confessed to knowing about the site. My brother and I explained the site to our dad. And then my dad said that he thought we were saying, “Cake Rex!” I was like, “Woah! LIke a dinosaur?! That would be crazy!” My dad then said he thought it was like, rex as in the definition of “King.” (Still weird, though.)


The thought of a Cake Rex was still stirring around in my mind though. It made me think of a Tyrannosaurus Rex Cake. My brother drew a picture of a T-Rex with a cake for a head. It was pretty funny. My brother and I then got on the subject of the T-Rex and children. I remembered the famous purple dinosaur, Barney. 


It occurred to me that Barney was in fact a T-Rex. Either that or a large Brontosaurus on its hind legs. But then again, it couldn’t be a Brontosaurus, because Barney had those little arms that are so typical of the Tyrannosaurus Rex. What kind of children’s program would use the ever-scary and killer T-Rex as the lovable character for a popular children’s television show? Even the other characters such as Baby Bop, BJ, and whatever that orange thing is, aren’t the dreaded, killer T-Rex! I already knew that Barney was pretty annoying, but it wasn’t until yesterday that I realized he was secretly a killer, too. I don’t know if I’d feel safe letting my child play with a large dinosaur, let alone, a T-REX. Just a thought…



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