Making Kickball History

21 08 2009

S. 33  8/21/09

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As some of you may know, I am on a kickball team. My team, Scarlet Fever has been around for a few years and season after season we are always known as the team to never win a single game. The last time I remember Scarlet Fever winning was my first season playing and it was by default. The other team had to forfeit because they didn’t have enough people to play.

My teammates and I have really just come to “expect” a losing outcome because it is all we have ever known (save, the rare tie). So last night when the unthinkable happened and Scarlet Fever actually recorded a win, it was surreal. It was unimaginable. And even more unusual was that our captain was absent, so in all of my Co-Captain glory, I was in charge of this monumental breakthrough. Since this is now part of DC Kickball history, I will share with you the highlights of the night.

The final score was 7-6 against a team called Here For The Beer (H4TB), although last night they might have well been known as “Here For The Loss”. The first thing to note was that Scarlet Fever was ahead the entire game.

A new player on Scarlet Fever, Stinger made quite the remarkable catch deep in left field.  H4TB popped a very high and far ball that would have gotten lost in the clouds, had there been any. Stinger caught the ball while being pummeled to the ground by the force of the ball coming back down.

There was also a crazy play in which a member of H4TB was running to home plate. I was catcher and dashed to get a punted ball just to the left of home plate. The result was the runner crashing into me, knocking me further from getting the ball. The runner somehow crawled home to make a messy run.

At the end of the game, bottom of the fifth inning (in kickball, there are only five innings), with two outs. Scarlet Fever’s Nailz and I had switched positions so I was now in Right Center. Nailz caught another bunted ball and threw it in a last-minute effort to tag the runner going home in order to not tie up the game. He made the hit, got the runner out, got the third out and brought Scarlet Fever it’s first ever WIN!

After the game we all headed to our sponsor bar, McFadden’s to celebrate and to play H4TB in some good old Flip Cup. At the bar, Scarlet Fever dominated over H4TB (aka: H4TLoss) at flip cup. I stopped keeping track of our flip cup score after something like Fever: 6, H4TL: 2. I won an intense flip off against a member of H4TL and a round of Survivor flip cup had our team’s Stinger with a second place finish.

Also to note: the season premier of Project Runway season 6 last night < flip cup and celebrating a kickball win. I had originally planned on leaving the bar early in order to get back in time to watch the TV show, but after only being at the bar for a mere 30 minutes, my partner in crime and I decided that we couldn’t let our team down and leave so early. While I only managed to catch the first 20 minutes of the repeat show when I eventually got home (before falling asleep), the decision to stay at the bar definitely proved to be the correct choice for all involved. 

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Stay classy, Fever!




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21 08 2009

Sounds like you folks have fun! I played on a kickball team once and I really enjoyed it.

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