PR 6 Premier

20 08 2009

A. 36  8/20/09

Project Runway Season 6 premiers tonight on its new channel, Lifetime and I for one, am pretty excited. I’m even leaving kickball early, something that is rarely done and almost unheard of, in order to get back to my apartment in time to watch the show. (I kind of hate it when TV shows rule my life, but it happens. And no, I’m not going to record the show, because I have to see it when it happens; real-time.)

So to celebrate the birth of another season of design+fashion+drama+addiction, I am going to present you with my top 3 memorable favorite outfits ever made on Project Runway…

3. Season 3, episode 1: Michael’s coffee filter dress (Check out the video at 1:37…)

Picture 11

Picture 9

Picture 4

2. Season 3, episode 9: Jeffrey’s Couture dress (Check out the video at 6:19…)

Picture 6

Picture 12

Picture 10

1. Season 2, episode 7: Daniel V.’s dress inspired by a vase of  Orchids (Check out the video at 1:45…)  

Picture 3

Picture 1

Picture 5

Here’s to hoping this season provides more amazing designs to the fashion world and a cast of dramatic characters to accompany them, too!




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20 08 2009

I watch this show- but I probably won’t watch it til at work tomorrow.

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