Blog Makeover

18 08 2009

P.65 8/18/09

As you may or may not have noticed, I gave my blog a mini makeover. Let me take you through the minor changes:

  1. No longer is there a “Ponderings 2” page. This was unnecessary from the start. Not sure why I made it to begin with. So I took it away. All Ponderings articles are together, though possibly out of order.
  2. I added a “Metro” page-section. As you may know, I write a lot about the Metro. I feel like it was bound to happen and is a far better substitute for “Ponderings 2.”
  3. I may start numbering and/or dating my entries. I know I should have started this from Day 1, but there is a pretty low chance I will want to go back and re-date every single article. Who knows, I might, but don’t count on it. The numbering/dating is just as much for me as it would be for you. Let’s look at the label above: “P.65 8/18/09”  You see the date. The P.65 means that this is the 65th entry under Ponderings (thus the P from the blog name’s acronym). 

Ok, I think that’s it for now. As always, comments and suggestions are welcome!




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