The Loss Of A Close One

17 08 2009

I recently lost a dear one. We were very close. We were inseparable…or so I thought. I was always dreading the day we would lose sight of each other. I never thought it would happen so soon. I always did all I could to make sure we would never lose each other. And then on the afternoon of Friday, August 14, 2009, the unthinkable happened. I accidentally left my Metro SmartTrip card on the Metro train. I felt so empty. 

It was last in my pants pocket. I should have known better. Those gray dress pants have very unreliable and flimsy pockets. Things are always falling out of those pockets. I got off the train at my stop, fished into my pocket for my dear card, and came out with nothing. I was horrified. And worse still, the train I was on had already left, so going back on the train was out of the question. How could it have come out?! How could I have not noticed it? I felt an immediate hole in my heart. I knew I could still leave the station if I found a Metro worker to tell them I had lost my card. (I’ve lost a paper card before. Although I’m pretty sure a friend took it that time, but no matter.)

But here’s the thing. I have always been worried about losing my SmartTrip card. I get so paranoid about it, too. Every time I exit the train, I compulsively touch my hand to my pocket to make sure the card is still there. You never know what random touching/movement will occur on the Metro. There are so many ways a small Metro plastic fare card could escape one’s pocket. And so, I am always careful that I have mine.

But last Friday proved to be the day I would lose my card. I have had my SmartTrip card since college. We went way back. I’d guess about 4 or 5 years. That was quite a committed relationship. I remember buying the card at the Greenbelt Metro in order to pay for parking and leave the lot. I had gone with a friend to a Caps game while in college. We didn’t know that a SmartTrip card was the only way to pay for parking. (I still think that’s a dumb idea.) I went back to the station to purchase a fare card. And since that fateful day, it has come with me everywhere. 

Then there was the one time my friend’s mom needed a SmartTrip card to pay for Metro parking, but didn’t want to pay the ridiculous purchasing fee so I lent her mine. It wasn’t until I got my card back, that I realized how much I missed it. And ever since, it was always my SmartTrip and me.

Dear SmartTrip card, I hope that whoever finds you will take good care of you. I hope that you continue to be used for many more Metro adventures. I hope your new owner will always keep you in a secure place. If anything, this has taught me to be even more careful about my personal belongings, but especially my Metro fare card. You will be missed…

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19 08 2009

If you registered it then you can get the value back!

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