My Daily News Source

17 08 2009

I have an unusual way of getting my daily dose of the news every weekday morning. Actually, I thought it was unusual until I noticed a few others doing the same thing as me. I’m not proud to admit this. I admit, it’s actually kind of creepy. But nobody has complained…

You see, I take the Metro to work every morning. Usually I’m in such a hurry to get on the train, that I’m too busy to think about anything else. – Like grabbing a free newspaper on the way down. There are always piles of The Examiner and Express free daily papers. The papers always litter the areas surrounding Metro stops and there are also people handing these papers out, too. You’d think it would be hard not to grab one of these easily obtainable papers on my way to the Metro. (Actually, honestly, my excuse is that I can never decide which paper to get, but think it’s silly to get one of each.)

Anyways, what I usually end up doing is reading other people’s papers -while they are reading. It’s an awkward game of trying not to get caught reading over someone’s shoulder or catching glimpses from the side. I do feel weird stealing looks of others’ newspapers. However, it does solve the ever present problem of this.

The problem with this however, is that you have to go at the same reading pace as the person you’re “stealing” the news from. Usually, my “victims” read the boring articles…and very slowly. So sometimes as not to seem overly creepy, I take this time, to pretend that I’m just honestly looking around. (I’m such a dork.)

My new Metro-riding past time in the morning (if I am unable to read other people’s newspapers) is to watch other people reading other’s papers. Basically, I like to be third party onlooker catching others doing what I have been doing. It’s kind of funny because of course said “news stealers” are too busy trying to read other people’s papers to notice you catching them red-handed.

So anyways, none of my “news-providers” have caught me (I’m that good at it) nor have they complained. I do feel awkward and should probably just read my own paper, but there’s no harm done. [Note, for the extra cautious/cheaters, sunglasses are key in this scenario!]




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