Drinking Leads To Mysterious Things

14 08 2009

Every time I drink heavily, the next day I discover my body has taken a beating…literally. I’m not talking about the usual hangover, headache, or liver damage. I’m talking about bumps, bruises, and scrapes. Even if I could remember everything from the night before and I didn’t pass out, I never seem to find out how I get such mysterious injuries. It’s the strangest phenomenon. 

Last night was no exception. It was my first “barscapade” of this kickball season, and I had fun. Apparently I had a little too much fun because when I unfortunately woke up this morning, my left shoulder was killing me. It felt as if I had ran at full speed and rammed my shoulder into a concrete wall. I’m pretty positive that didn’t actually happen last night. At first I thought that maybe I had just slept on my side weird or maybe I was lying on some odd object, but that was also not the case. There was no bruise or bump or any mark to show for it, which made the injury all the more puzzling. I took some pain reliever and wished the pain would go away.

I went on my way to work, and while waiting for a Metro train, I swept some hair from my face. Little did I know it would cause me a great deal of pain. It seems I had another hidden wound. A gentle press on my left temple caused a lot of discomfort. Again, I was clueless. There was so sign of damage. No hint as to why such pain had been inflicted on the left side of my body. 

So I am left to try and figure out what happened to me last night. I have no leads, no idea. Has this next-day-injury ever stopped me from drinking the previous night? No. Should it? Not sure.



One response

17 08 2009

Haha like my friend f.B often says you know you had a good night when you wake up with something hurting.

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