To Pee Or Not To Pee

10 08 2009

This past weekend I was sick. Yup, no fun for me. My throat simply hurt every time I swallowed. It hurt so much at times, that I tried not to swallow. -Not a very easy thing to do, believe me.  But I realized that aside from doing a lot of nothing and sleeping a lot, the one thing I had to do to get better was to swallow….a lot…of liquids.  I ended up drinking plenty of my liquids of choice (orange juice, water, tomato soup, tea, honey) over the course of those two days. 

Well you know what happens when you drink a lot…you have to pee a lot. That’s all fine and dandy, unless you also happen to have a broken toilet that won’t flush…like me. Yeah. A situation goes from bad to worse.  I was torn between drinking a lot to get better or trying not to drink in order to not have to use the bathroom in which a toilet did not flush.

Thankfully, my situation wasn’t completely hopeless. There are two bathrooms in my apartment and two (of the normal four) roommates were gone for the weekend. So while I had to share a toilet with a roommate who I do not normally share a bathroom with, it wasn’t as bad as if all four of us had to share one toilet. It’s just been an extra hurdle to worry about.

While sharing the other toilet with my other roommate wasn’t so terrible, the other bathroom is part of her bedroom, so it can be awkward getting to. During some times at night or in the morning when my roommate’s sleeping, it’s not really possible to go into her bathroom to use. So I unfortunately had to use my toilet without flushing. (It’s not as bad as one would imagine, if you remember that the only thing coming out of me are gallons of liquids.) The worst thing about using a toilet that doesn’t flush is that after days of the contents just sitting in the bowl, things really start to stink.

Thank goodness people were able to come over this morning and get our unfortunate toilet fixed! And ironically, in time for me to be feeling better, too.




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12 08 2009

This should of been a TMI Thursday post!

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