6 08 2009

I think I may have accidentally yet also purposefully dehydrated myself over the course of the past week. Making oneself sick is really not a great situation to be in. Especially when this totally could have been avoided. In some senses, I did the complete opposite of this.

How did this happen? It all starts with the water in my apartment’s kitchen faucet. I’ve been drinking it straight, unfiltered every day. I just fill my Nalgene water bottle up with the stuff to take to work every day. I normally don’t have any problem drinking water right from the faucet, but lately it’s been getting to me. I’ve come to notice that this water has a slightly gross, somewhat sweet, highly chlorinated taste to it. 

I got a water filter pitcher to remedy this simple problem. However, then I encountered a new problem. The refrigerator that I share with my 3 other roommates is already pretty packed full and there is no room in my corner of the fridge for a tall, water pitcher. So I have yet to use it…

Meanwhile, I have taken to not drinking water at all. While I have still been bringing my heavy, full water bottle to work every day in hopes of making myself drink the gross water, I have not been drinking the actual stuff. True, I could easily buy bottled water, but I see this pointless and expensive when I could just drink water for free and without the worry and hassle of recycling the bottles.

And then the other day, I had a hopeful idea. Some part of my brain thought it would work if I filled my water bottle up with very hot water, and then refrigerated the water overnight. I figured that since boiling water also filters it, then drinking chilled hot water would be along the same train of thought.

This morning I woke up with a sore throat. Guess this whole not drinking water thing, has gotten the best of me. I swore myself to drinking all of my water bottle’s 32 ounces at work today in order to help get me back on track and heal my aching throat.

Upon the first sip, I was greeted by a not-too-disgusting-to-drink taste. While the water still smells slightly like chlorine, I can easily get beyond that. My throat was speaking louder than my nose. Well, it’s already more than halfway through my work day and I’m around 27 ounces of water and 4 or 5 bathroom breaks into this water rehabilitation. (There’s a water fountain outside my office too, but it has been turned off since the last I checked.) So now I’ve taken to rationing my water intake to allow for enough water to last me the work day. 

This amazing song/video is all too appropriate:




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6 08 2009

Sounds like you need to take my water challenge.

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