Ugly Shoe 5

4 08 2009

This edition of The Ugly Shoe is truly a sight for sore eyes. If the last Ugly Shoe post was not enough to convince you that colored snake skin is a bad idea, then wait till you see today’s shoe. This sad shoe is pink snake skin and frankly, looks like a piece of trash. Dying snake skin orange is pretty bad already, but now let’s see it in pink…  (Big mistake.)


Penny Loves Kenny Peep Toe Reptile Flat, $24.94

Penny Loves Kenny Peep Toe Reptile Flat, $24.94

The crumply material and style makes it look like a snake’s molted skin turned into a shoe. Yuck. The color doesn’t help this creation at all. Also, those weird little studs on the heel? I don’t know if that’s for decoration or for people to stay far back from you when you wear these shoes. (Back up! I’ve got gross things on my feet!) 

Try as I might, I can not imagine these shoes looking good with any outfit or working in any situation. You could wear these to work at a landfill, but the open toed style would not accommodate. Really, these should just be trashed. And with the price of this shoe only being about $25, there’s no hard feelings destroying these.




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