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3 08 2009

This past weekend I went to Fell’s Point, Baltimore for a friend’s Bachelorette Party. Before my friend and I met up with the party, we went to one of my favorite bars by the water, Kooper’s Tavern.

Picture 3

Friday night they had some live music so the place was even more appealing.  We sat inside by the bar and checked out the musician…A guy on a guitar. Pretty standard as far as live music in bars goes. But when I actually listened to what the guy was playing, I knew it was more than just your “standard bar jams.” 

Turns out the musician was a guy named Clifton Williams of the Blue James Band. Not only was Mr. Williams quite nice and attractive (yes, he and I spoke to each other), but his music was fun and energetic. I would describe the sound as reggae meets mellow folk rock. He reminds me of what you would hear if you combined Jack Johnson with Sublime. I don’t know, but it was really pleasant to hear, and if I were in a dancing mood, you know I would be grooving to the music, as well.


Clifton Williams

Clifton Williams

As my friend and I were getting ready to tear ourselves away from the bar and the music to go to meet up with the Bachelorette party, I went over to check out the merchandise table. I signed up for their email list (I am pretty excited to hear from them!) and was looking through the various CDs on the table, when Clifton encouraged me to take a free sampler CD of his. Free? CD? Of an attractive guy’s music? And I even like the music, no less? Ummm, OF COURSE!  So that was pretty exciting. I’ve been listening to his CD all morning and I have to say, it’s pretty catchy. (You can preview some of the music here. I have the songs, Remember Me and Hello There from that album on my sampler.) Anyways, I do love hearing new musicians and this was no exception. I hope you like them too!

Picture 2




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3 08 2009

I was in B’more this weekend too- what a coinky dink.

4 08 2009

Cool! Where were you?

15 03 2010
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