Two Drinks To Try

29 07 2009

Here’s a drink recipe courtesy of a co-worker:

  •  3/4 a glass of beer
  •  1 shot of Amaretto placed inside the beer
  •  top it off with about a shot’s worth of 7-Up

Apparently this tastes just like a Dr. Pepper or Mr. Pibb. I may have to try it.


Yesterday I tried a Dark And Stormy which is:

  •  Rum
  •  Ginger Beer
  •  hint of lime


It was made at a restaurant called, Cieba near Metro Center, D.C. Maybe the most exciting part of this drink was that there was a stick of sugar cane placed in the drink, too. I love sugar cane. You chew the rough surface and suck in the sugary juice. It’s a treat. The drink was strangely mixed, because I tasted the most alcohol on the top of the drink and the bottom half tasted more of the Ginger Beer. (Note, for those who don’t know, Ginger Beer isn’t actually a type of beer. It’s more just like Ginger Ale but with a stronger ginger flavor. Ginger Beer is popular in Jamaica.) Maybe rum floats on Ginger Beer. Or maybe the drink would taste better with a hint more of the Ginger Beer in it. It wasn’t bad, but it also wasn’t mixed the greatest.

Picture 1

Also, a warning about Cieba’s (during Happy Hour) is that their service was ridiculously slow. However, the small, pink plastic bull toys they put on some of the drinks were a fun plaything while waiting around for our orders.




One response

29 07 2009

Quick story on fast service: I went to a bar in rural PA and we asked the waitress to just come back every five minutes with a new round. We were never late.

That was a bad night.

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