A Better Local

29 07 2009

In a previous post, I commented on how I have yet to do a lot of standard “Washington things”, yet I was born in the city and lived in the area basically my whole life. Who do I think I am? What kind of excuse for a local am I, right? Well I want to revisit my list of “Washingtonian things every local must do.”

  •  Steak N’ Egg (Tenleytown)
  •   The 9:30 Club  CHECK! I have been here twice to see shows, both times were super fun. It’s right by the U St. Metro, it’s convenient, not too sketchy, and not too dirty. Success!
  •  Ben’s Chili Bowl  I went here on my birthday for dinner. I got a bowl of chili and it was delicious. I also shared a chocolate milkshake with my friend, and rocked out to the Juke Box next to me, that was playing funky 70’s music. Fun!


  •  The Black Cat –Does it count if I have driven past a few times? I guess not…
  •  The City of Clarendon (it’s in Virginia, I know, but it’s nearby) –I actually walked around Clarendon for a bit, while checking out a potential group house to move into. The house was not so ideal, but the neighborhoods in Clarendon were nice and having the houses and businesses all squeezed so close together made the city very  live-able and convenient. Too bad it didn’t work out though.
  •  I haven’t been to Adams Morgan in far too long (except for driving through it) 
  •  The World War Two Memorial –I got to kickball extra early one day and since the memorial is right next to our fields, I went over to check it out. It was a very nice location with one side facing the Reflection Pool by the Lincoln Memorial and the other side facing the Washington Monument. 
  •  The National Postal Museum 
  •  Iwo Jima Memorial 
  •  The Mayflower Hotel (just to pop inside and take a look….not to stay at)  –This was actually my first thing to check off the list, shortly after I wrote the original post. I went inside and sat by the bar. I took a few short videos of people walking by and the soothing piano player playing background music. The hotel is upscale and very brightly lit in the lobby. It was decorated with a lot of gold.
  •  A D.C. United soccer game –I went to a United game with a friend a while back and it was a lot of fun. Since soccer isn’t very popular in the area (or this country, for that matter) the stadium was sadly, pretty empty, but the tickets were also a pretty decent price! And the United won which made the game all the more fun. I would definitely go again.





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