Bad Luck, Bad Love

28 07 2009

I’d like to revisit something I wrote in my blog a few days ago:

“Often times, I have a crush on a guy, and that guy turns out to be interested in a friend of mine. (This actually happens way too often and it makes me extremely bitter. Not a great situation to be in, believe me.)”

There is a great quote from the movie, The Science of Sleep describing my situation:

“You know, I have this neighbor that has a friend that is very pretty actually. That’s the problem. That I think it’s the neighbor that likes me. Not her friend. I never get the one I like anyways.”

And yet still, here’s another piece of pop culture relating to the topic of wishing you had someone who is taken by a friend…

Well my streak of bad luck (or whatever you might think it is) is going strong. Yet another possible crush has fallen victim to a friend. Oh boy…




6 responses

28 07 2009

Love. that. movie. 🙂

28 07 2009

i love that part too.

28 07 2009

Boys suck in general. I’m sorry you’re having such bad luck. I keep trying to convince myself that i want to be single right now anyway … it kinda helps.

29 07 2009

Yeah, Patty… I’ve been trying to convince myself I want to be single anyways, too. But I also kind of always have a crush on someone –at least for the fun and thrill of it. I’m starting to think that’s not so great an idea.

28 07 2009

So it’s not a good idea to meet your friends?

29 07 2009

Oh, it’s fine to meet my friends. It’s just the problem of when a crush is interested in them… time after time.

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