Dating Races

21 07 2009

No, I am not racing others to date. This post is about my unusual preference in race when on the topic of physical attraction. This is my response to a fellow blogger’s post about being attracted to certain races. (You can read that blog post here.)

Like the majority of the people I know, I am physically attracted to those of the same (caucasian) race as myself. I have found that I am also attracted to Indians, pretty frequently. It may have started in college. I  became close friends with an Indian guy. When I first saw, “Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle” I was attracted to Kal Penn much more than I was to John Cho. This may have all stemmed from my intrigue of India.

Kal Penn

Kal Penn

Let me take you back…

George Harrison is my favorite member of The Beatles. I love when he brought another country (India)’s influence into the band’s music and lifestyle. I was inspired to do the same. I love Indian music, culture, clothing, movies, etc. This must have eventually led to my attraction to Indian men. Through my love of George Harrison, I wanted to gain a better understanding of India. I have really wanted to learn to play the sitar. That led me to my first Ravi Shankar concert last fall, which was amazing. Not many people I know, can say that they willingly listen to sitar music. It takes a lot of concentration and patience. I also came to watch a few Bollywood movies. One of my favorites was, “Rang de Basanti.” The cast included a handful of very attractive Indian guys:


Rang de Basanti cast


Rang de Basanti cast

famous Bollywood actor, Aamir Khan

famous Bollywood actor, Aamir Khan who was in Rang de Basanti

A few weeks ago I was people watching with a friend at the Dupont Circle fountain. My friend and I were asking each other who we found attractive of those people walking by. There was a group of guys standing by the fountain, a few of which looked Indian. My friend asked me who I found the most attractive, and I said I liked the Indian looking guy most. It’s not that I am consciously attracted to Indians because they are Indian, but I’m not quite sure why I like this race so much. Maybe I like the darker skin. Maybe it’s the beautiful eyes I’ve noticed many Indians have. Also, Indians have good lips, and I like the thick, black hair…

Are there any other races I am particularly drawn to? Well, I have had a crush on an Asian guy once as well as a Puerto Rican, and I am somewhat attracted to the main character in the B-movie, “Undercover Brother”, though it could just be the ‘fro…

Eddie Griffin, Undercover Brother

Eddie Griffin, Undercover Brother

I also love Harry Belafonte

So I guess that while I have never dated outside my race, I would totally be open to it. Like I’ve said, I’ve frequently had crushes on those from other countries such as Scotland, England (ok, same race, but still foreign), India, somewhere in Asia (sorry, I don’t remember where, specifically), Jamaica, and Puerto Rico. I like the idea of an inter-cultural relationship being exciting, foreign, and different. Plus, any way to rebel against the “norm” is right up my alley.




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22 07 2009

Great post, it reminded me this quote in The Office:

Michael Scott: Why don’t we go around, and everybody… everybody say a race that you are attracted to sexually. I will go last.

Dwight Schrute: I have two: White and Indian.

23 07 2009

HAHAHA. Thanks Patrick!

20 01 2010
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17 06 2010

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