Cold Feet

21 07 2009

Can someone explain something to me? What is it about me that keeps getting me stood up for dates? Seriously, guys. I’ve been stood up for a date at least 3 times in a year.  Maybe that sounds like nothing, but the fact that I’ve been stood up at all or that many times, is pretty lame. Each time it has happened, it’s been through an internet dating site (yes, I admit I’m on a couple. It’s true). And every time it’s been for the first date.

The reason I bring this rant up is that once again, I have been stood up on another seemingly promising date. Before I get into the rest of this post, I’d like to point out that I do not think of myself as one of “those bloggers” who blog about their relationships while they are happening. I try really hard not to post my personal business on this blog, because I know it could come full circle back to me:

(The only Justin Timberlake song I actually like. I kind of hate to admit it.)

But since these guys all stood me up, then I’m not actually dating or more importantly, in a relationship with any of these guys. -That’s why I don’t feel that bad about discussing them publicly here.

Anyways, let’s review the cases, shall we? Case #1:  The Guy and I were to meet at the Dupont Circle metro for our first date. I waited there for him for close to an hour. It was cold out. After almost giving up and being pretty upset that I hadn’t heard anything from him, I got a phone call from him. He said that he was driving around looing for parking. This was at rush hour and I thought he was pretty crazy to be looking for parking in downtown D.C. at a time when that was nearly impossible.  A few minutes later, he calls me back to say that he was driving on his way back home because he couldn’t find a parking spot. Really? You couldn’t call me before you left? You didn’t want to change the location or our plans? You had already retreated and then called me? You can imagine how I must have felt… not too pleased.

Case #2. I was talking to a guy online and it turned out we had a number of mutual friends. We had a few common threads which was cool. It seemed promising and even hopeful that upon meeting, it wouldn’t be so awkward. We set up a time and day and place. Billiards in Cleveland Park. OK. I love playing pool and it seemed like a casual and fun first date. Then, a day before, Guy #2 tells me he has to go to a funeral. I never found out if that was a lie or not, but it sure was lame. Ugh.

Case #3. The most recent case. I had been talking to a guy online. Compared to many of the guys I talk to on online dating sites, this guy seemed unusually (and thankfully!) like a real person. He seemed genuine. He conveniently works near where I live. We decided we would hang out this past Sunday night for drinks. I asked him when and where this would happen, specifically. I checked my email. I heard nothing. The website showed me that he had read my last email asking him to call the specifics. I waited. I checked my email some more. Still nothing. Nothing happened. Way to get cold feet and stand me up!

In all of these unfortunate cases, I did not talk to the guy at fault for a good time afterwards. In case #1 however, months later I gave him a second chance. We dated for a while. It did not work out. Go figure. In case #2, I didn’t talk to said guy for a month or two, but then eventually gave in and now every now and then we say a few things to each other. But it’s definitely not the same as it was before our failed meet up. As for case #3, I have not talked back with him or heard anything. I probably never will. It’s pretty disapointing. What did I ever do to deserve such extremely lame treatment from guys? And how come this is repeated behavior? Not cool.




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21 07 2009

Is it stood up when he flakes out the day before or if he doesn’t follow through in making the date? I consider being stood up when you agree on details, you show up, and he doesn’t show.

I can’t remember if I’ve ever been stood up- I feel like I have.

21 07 2009

To me, being stood up for a date includes anything where you plan a date and someone flakes out/doesn’t show without any notice. Ok, so maybe Case #2 isn’t really him standing me up…it could just be more “cold feet.” But either way, the planned date did not happen and there was never any talk about doing it again.

31 07 2009
jo mama

I guess that makes me a real “stand up” guy mahahah.

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